CHAINS 2018 is organised by NWO Domain Science

NWO Domain Sciences is collaborating with partners and sponsors to offer CHAINS participants a wide variety of knowledge and networking possibilities.

Main Partners 2018


Holland Chemistry

In Holland Chemistry, universities and (applied) research institutes, universities of applied sciences, industry and SMEs work together to come up with green and sustainable solutions for the major challenges society is facing. The main focal points of Holland Chemistry are health, nutrition, energy, transport, raw materials and climate. Holland Chemistry stimulates and facilitates public-private partnerships between industry and research institutes to help shape and implement the plans from the main lines of research.

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The Royal Netherlands Chemical Society is the largest chemical association of the Netherlands.

Approximately 8,500 members bring the variety and richness of the molecular field to life. They operate in business, education and government, or study at one of the universities in Netherlands.

The Royal Netherlands Chemical Society was founded in 1903 and is the representative of chemistry, life sciences and process technology in the Netherlands. These three disciplines are significant contributors to our social and community welfare.

Alongside representation and networking activities, the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society also contributes to a correct image of chemistry by providing an accurate and proper coverage of chemistry.

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The Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI) promotes the collective interests of the chemical industry in the Netherlands by means of consultations, information meetings and recommendations. The VNCI acts on behalf of the entire sector as a central contact point and undertakes activities that have a positive impact on the image of the chemical industry.

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