Poster presentations

At CHAINS 2018 a poster jury will select several outstanding posters for a prize.

It is no longer possible to submit a poster abstract.
If you have any questions, please send an email to


The following poster guidelines apply:

  • Deadline for poster abstract submission was 1 October 2018, 13.00 hrs;
  • Posters are presented by PhD students, postdocs or Master students;
  • Poster requirements: portrait posters only of maximum A0 size;
  • You are asked to submit your poster title, short abstract (max. 1000 characters) and relevant keywords. The information as provided in your submission form is considered as final and will be processed in CHAINS 2018 communication tools;
  • You are also asked to indicate to which of the three main strategic research lines, plus to which topic in chemistry your project matches best. Based on this information, your poster will be clustered with posters with similar topics.

Bear in mind that your poster refers to the people involved, includes their institutions/organizations, and is accompanied by the appropriate acknowledgements, logos etc. If the reported research is supported by NWO, it is highly appreciated to include the project number (and subsidy) and the NWO logo (downloadable from NWO website). If applicable, clearance for publication of your poster abstract must be requested well before the submission deadline.

Additional information

  • Poster presentations are scheduled over the conference days as follows:
    • 3 December (+ morning 4 December): posters with fit to the ‘Chemistry of Life’ strategic research line;
    • 5 December (+ afternoon 4 December): posters with fit to the ‘Chemistry of Materials’ and ‘Chemical Conversion’ strategic research lines;
  • At CHAINS 2018 a poster jury will select several outstanding posters for a prize to be awarded on Monday 3 December and on Wednesday 5 December. The jury judges the attractiveness of the poster in general, the clarity and quality of the research and results, and the oral presentations during the poster sessions. Prizes are only awarded to winning poster presenters present at the prize ceremony.
  • Circa 600 posters will be accommodated over the three conference days;