Outline Programme

  • 5 December: the programme's main focus will be ‘Chemistry of Life’
  • 6 December: this day covers sessions from ‘Chemistry of Life’, ‘Chemistry of Materials’ to ‘Chemical Conversion’ as well as activities of interest to all chemists
  • 7 December: the programme will focus on ‘Chemistry of Materials’ and ‘Chemical Conversion’

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Young researchers will have the opportunity to present their research in parallel sessions and several focus and poster sessions, which will be interspersed with keynote lectures and plenary speakers.

Activities related to similar themes will be clustered at the location, to promote easy encounters with sub-communities. The programme on 6 December contains next to parallel and focus sessions, lectures from several renowned plenary speakers and various opportunities for networking.

On 5 December, Feng Zhang receives the prestigious Inventors of the year Award. Therefore he cannot be present at CHAINS. Albert Heck, winner of the Spinoza Prize 2017, will take over his plenary speaker slot. Wilhelm Huck, winner of the Spinoza Prize 2016, is the new keynote speaker.