On Tuesday 4 December from 15.25 – 16.55 four workshops are scheduled in the programme, especially dedicated to early career researchers (PhD students, postdocs, and MSc and BSc students). See below for a short summary of the workshops. Feel free to decide at the latest moment to which workshop you'd like to go.

Please note that the "Reviewer Workshop" by Elsevier is only accessible when registered on beforehand by 12 November 13.00 at the latest.

Career development for PhD students and postdocs – by People in Science
Did you know over 90% of all PhDs eventually have to find a job outside academia? Join dr. Geertje Janssen and Lisette Spoelder from People in Science for an interactive workshop on career development for PhD students and postdocs. Learn how to find career options outside academia, overcome frequent obstacles PhDs encounter when looking for their first job in industry and how to increase your employability. All insights are validated by current recruitment procedures and job market trends.

Grants for junior researchers – by NWO
NWO offers various granting opportunities for researchers in all stages of their career. In this workshop, we will give some general information about the personal grants at NWO available for junior researchers. The workshop will be given by NWO programme managers. We will start with a general introduction, and after that you have the opportunity to speak personally with the NWO programme managers in 1-on-1 sessions. You can ask them all you want to know about the grants and the granting procedure. For more information on the grants, have a look at

Workshop leaders: Varsha Kapoerchan, Marieke van Santen, Lambert Speelman (NWO).

Reviewer workshop – by Elsevier (prior registration required)
Reviewers play a pivotal role in scholarly publishing. The peer review system helps to validate academic work, and improve the quality of articles. This workshop aims to give you insights in the peer review process and train you as a reviewer. Registered participants will be sent a manuscript for review prior to the workshop. During the workshop, an Elsevier publisher will give an introduction to the reviewing process, the role of the reviewer, and publishing ethics. Then an editor of a scientific journal will go through the article, step by step, highlighting methods, practices and areas of special attention. Workshop leaders: Rob van Daalen (Elsevier) and Henk Busscher (RUG/UMCG).
Please note that the "Reviewer Workshop" by Elsevier is only accessible when registered on beforehand by 12 November 13.00 at the latest.

Core values in chemistry – by KNCV
Within the university an academic code of conduct has been formulated which deals mostly with the integrity of doing research. However, chemists may be presented with ethical dilemmas not covered by this scientific code. How to handle in such situations? In this workshop, participants will be presented with an ethical dilemma they may encounter in daily life. They will be provided with tools to analyse the issues, the positions of stakeholders and to discuss possible outcomes. Workshop leaders: Jan Apotheker, Sietse van der Sluis, and Riet Hilhorst (KNCV).

Contact/More information

For more information, please contact Arlette Werner via and mention ‘workshops’ in the subject.