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TUESDAY 10 DECEMBER (11:45 - 13:05 hrs)


  • Analytical challenges for innovative engineered antibody-based biopharmaceuticals

  • Beyond Arrhenius - vibrationally promoted conversion of inert molecules

  • Chemical Innovation for Circularity

  • Entrepreneurship in chemistry - opportunities, threats, truth and examples

  • Flowing towards sustainability

  • Materials and interfaces for next-generation batteries

  • Seeing how proteins disrupt and (de)form lipid membranes

  • Synthesis by Design

  • Synthetic extracellular matrices – how to design functional hydrogels?

  • The potential of catalytic reactions that count on direct renewable energy input via electrons and photons


WEDNESDAY 11 DECEMBER (10:20 - 11:40 hrs)


  • Adaptive materials and soft robotics

  • Bio-orthogonal chemistry and catalysis

  • Characterization of bio-oxidation-driven biomass conversion

  • Chemical Innovations for Climate 

  • Chemicals From Wastewater

  • Chemistry in Space – Gas, Ice and PAHs

  • Chemistry of Single Particles and Molecules: A Fluorescence Approach

  • Glycans: Structure, Analysis & Synthesis

  • Molecular photoswitches: discovery, understanding and application

  • Preserving and propagating genetic information: coupling replication and repair


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CHAINS 2019 is organised by NWO Domain Science with the support of partners Holland Chemistry and KNCV