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Visit CHAINS 2019 and celebrate chemistry!


This year offers the perfect opportunity to find your match at CHAINS 2019. Thanks to a mixed two-day programme you will discover chemistry in the widest sense of the word. Katja Loos, chair of the programme committee, and Stephanie Holst, project leader, explain why it really is a must to attend this year.

The organisers are doing everything possible to ensure that you will go home contented and filled with new knowledge and inspiration. Katja Loos was asked to chair the programme committee this year. ‘I first thought it was a joke. It’s a real honour to be asked something like that! Together with the rest of the programme committee I want to make it a great success.’ What does Katja find so appealing about CHAINS? ‘Not only eminent people in the world of chemistry but also PhD students and postdocs have the opportunity to give a lecture. They are generally enormously proud of their work and speak about it full of enthusiasm. Whereas other countries try to do the same at their conferences, eminent people are often given preference.


For everyone
Together with her team from NWO, project leader Stephanie Holst ensures that everything will run like clockwork. ‘CHAINS is the biggest chemistry conference in the Netherlands, an event where everything comes together. It’s there that you can exchange knowledge, check the most recent developments and make new acquaintances. There is something for everyone and it’s easy to fill two whole days.’


This year’s theme is Mix & Match. According to Katja, mixing conjures up an image of the stereotypical idea people have about chemistry. ‘My grandmother would say: you throw everything together, it explodes, and the result is a hell-raising professor. But obviously, chemistry is much more than that.’ In previous years the individual disciplines had their ‘own day’ as the CHAINS theme. This year, all disciplines will be combined over the two-day period. ‘Occasionally that will result in an unusual mix, but it does offer a unique opportunity to widen your horizon’, says Stephanie.

…& Match
Find your match at CHAINS 2019! Stephanie wants to make the central hall the place to meet. ‘That’s where you can meet young talent, students, professors, industry, government… Everyone involved in chemistry will be there. And who knows, you might discover contacts you had not expected, or find solutions to a challenge in allied fields of study.

Make the most of your visit
Stephanie: ‘Come with an open mind and try to take in as much as possible. You can compile your own personal programme with the app two weeks beforehand. The app will give you reminders during CHAINS. And Katja adds: ‘Do you want to meet up with someone at CHAINS? Make plans beforehand where and when to meet, during a break in the central hall for instance. We are expecting more than 1,600 visitors and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity.’

Want to attend? Register before 8 November at www.nwochains.nl 

Doelgroep in beeld

Right: Katja Loos, left: Stephanie Holst

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CHAINS 2019 is organised by NWO Domain Science with the support of partners Holland Chemistry and KNCV