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Electrochemistry of platinum: new views on an old problem

Marc Koper is a world leading authority in the field of electrochemistry. His research focusses at gaining fundamental understanding at atomic level on the working of electrodes.  He received several awards for his work, the latest one being the Netherlands’ Catalysis and Chemistry award (NCCA) which is only awarded every 5 years.


Platinum is the most used electrocatalyst in electrochemical energy conversion devices such as fuel cells and electrolysers. In this talk I will highlight the recent work of my group on understanding the surface chemistry of platinum in an aqueous electrolyte, by combining single-crystal electrochemistry, density functional theory calculations, ultra-high-vacuum modeling, in situ spectroscopy and in situ electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy. I will challenge some existing explanations and interpretations of platinum electrochemistry, and show the sometimes surprising surface disordering of platinum that happens at both positive (anodic) and negative (cathodic) potentials.



Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands

Research tracks

Chemical Conversion

More information

Marc Koper's homepage

Keynote speaker

Wednesday 11 December

13:50 - 14:20h

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