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This year we will organise Masterclasses for PhD students on Monday evening 9th of December. There are limited seats available, exclusively for PhD students. Please use the CHAINS registration form to register for one of the masterclasses.

How to digitize chemistry with the chemputer: a universal programmable chemical synthesis robot

by Lee Cronin (University of Glasgow)

Much of chemical synthesis must be done manually as automation is limited to single classes of reactions, or work-flows. Our grand aim is to digitize synthetic chemistry and build a universal connection between the conceptual steps and automation of the process. These steps are implemented in a modular robotic platform, running a chemical programming language which formalizes and controls the assembly of the molecules.

In this masterclass I will explain how the digitization of chemistry is being achieved in my lab and also outline new opportunities for young researchers and outline how the field will develop. My class will include: 1) Molecular identifiers 2) Algorithms for planning and predicting chemical synthesis 3) Design of experiments 4) Robotic ontologies for chemistry 5) Defining and exploring chemical space 6) Case study one – the chemputer (code to molecules) 7) Case study two – optimising batch processes with DoE vs ML and AI 7) Discovering chemical ‘novelty’ with algorithms.

Translating Polymer Research to Commercial Materials - Success Stories from Hair Care to Pharmaceuticals

by Craig Hawker (University of California Santa Barbara)

The successful commercialization of a product is driven by numerous factors - many of which are not taught to students during either their undergraduate or graduate studies. Using personal examples from the pharmaceutical and beauty industries, I will outline some of these factors and give insights into the do's and don'ts for establishing successful start-up ventures.

Communicating your research

by Marloes ten Kate and Jenny Hasenack (KNCV)

Communicating about your research is an important part of your PhD. It includes, of course, talks you give to your research group or posters you present at scientific symposia. But it is not limited to that. It also includes explaining your research to people you meet at a birthday party or convincing Bachelor students to do a project with you. How can you present your research in a clear and concise way? How do you get your main message across? How do you spark interest and curiosity in your audience? This and more you will learn in this workshop.

Kickstart your career already during your PhD

by Lisette Spoelder (People in Science)

What can you do to guarantee a sparkle career after your PhD or Postdoc? Be prepared for your future! 3% of all PhDs will be a Professor. 90% of all Postdocs will end up in a career outside Academia. What can you do already during your PhD and Postdoc employment to create the career path you have in mind? With our over 15 years of experience in recruitment we know all secrets to get hired. During the Masterclass at the CHAINS 2019, we will give you a brief of tips & tricks:

  • How to leverage & articulate your skills

  • Effective networking strategies

  • Communicate your value


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CHAINS 2019 is organised by NWO Domain Science with the support of partners Holland Chemistry and KNCV