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Surface Measurement Systems develop and engineer gravimetric sorption analyzers and inverse gas chromatography instruments for physico-­‐chemical characterization of solid state materials. Our instruments can be used for studying sorption and desorption isotherms, vapor and gas diffusion kinetics, hysteresis effects, stability studies, water activity, phase transformations, amorphous content, permeability, surface energy heterogeneity, dispersive and acid-­‐base surface energy, solubility parameters, heats of adsorption and works of adhesion and cohesion.

We are world leaders in sorption science and inventors of Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) technology and Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) instrumentations. We provide professional world-­‐class scientific and technical support for all our customers and our products are used by hundreds of leading laboratories and universities globally.

Inverse Gas Chromatography -­‐ Surface Energy Analyzer (iGC-­‐SEA)
This system is specially designed to determine the surface energy heterogeneity but nevertheless suitable for measuring different surface and bulk properties of solid materials including acid / base properties, heat of sorption, glass transition temperature, solubility parameters and so on.

Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS)
This system allows for real-­‐time monitoring and controlling of vapor and gas concentration for sorption measurements in solid state materials. The sorption mechanism may be investigated from sorption / desorption isotherms, hysteresis effects, and sorption kinetics. The combination of a video microscope and vibrational spectroscopic techniques with DVS would allow for increased understanding of vapor-­‐induced structural changes of solid materials.

Vapor Pressure Analyzer (VPA)
The Vapor Pressure Analyzer or VPA measures the vapor pressures of solids, liquids and oils using the Knudsen effusion method.

Telephone number: +44 (0) 208 795 9400
Email: sales@surfacemeasurementsystems.com
Website: www.SurfaceMeasurementSystems.com

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